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QuillBot academic writing platform is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool that includes functionality such as Paraphraser, Grammar Check, Summarizer, Citation Generator, Plagiarism Checker, and many more.

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What is Quillbot ?

QuillBot is an article rewriter program that works as an extension in any Web browser or text editor, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs, to rewrite, paraphrase, summarize, and change the structure of content.

QuillBot is the greatest article rewriter because, unlike other tools, it does not simply replace your words with synonyms. It use artificial intelligence (AI) to preserve the context of your statements while retaining proper grammar and structure.

We’ll start by giving you a quick rundown of the QuillBot application. Then we’ll talk about why we need article rewriting software and why QuillBot is the best option.

Quillbot Overview

The Quillbot Software can be used to summarize and paraphrase articles, blogs, papers, and other documents into a brief paragraph or rewritten sentence. It will extract the most important information while keeping the content’s original context.

QuillBot’s major goal is to eliminate plagiarism from copied content. QuillBot, on the other hand, does not encourage this.

QuillBot has a number of functions, including the ability to summarize paragraphs and change sentence structure, among others.

If you’re a writer, you can’t afford to ignore a tool like QuillBot. It’s an all-in-one solution for writers that helps them avoid wasting time doing nothing constructive.

It works in such a manner that if you don’t like a rewritten sentence, you may use the “Rewrite” option to rewrite a little different version of the same sentence that is somewhat different from the original and the rewritten text.

Not only that, but you can keep doing it until you get the desired result.

Do You Really Need an Article Rewriter?

We usually ask article rewriters to explain facts in a unique way.

We can be writing in a monotonous tone and want to spice things up. This is where article rewriters can help.

Not only that, but an article rewriter allows you to replace words in sentences and paragraphs with a single click.

An article rewriter is exactly what you need when you require unique and compelling material in a hurry.

However, entirely relying on technology is never a good idea. Reading every sentence is crucial, especially when writing a major paper, blog, article, or news item.

Above all, an article rewriter tool is meant to assist you in coming up with fresh ways to describe old data.


Difference Between Free and Premium Accounts

Free Account: A user-created free account is one that is free to use. These can parse up to 700 characters in three modes and three Synonyms settings. They can also summarise 5,000 characters and use our extension options.

Premium Account: A premium account is one that has a paid subscription. These accounts get the same features as free users, plus premium-only options.

Premium Account Perks


  • Increased character limit: Premium accounts may paraphrase up to 10,000 characters at once, and summarize up to 25,000 characters at once.
  • Four additional modes: Creative+, Shorten, Expand, and Formal modes are unlocked with a premium account.
  • The highest Synonyms setting: The highest setting lets you replace the most words possible using the Synonyms
  • Faster processing: Premium accounts have their text paraphrased faster.
  • Compare Modes: This feature allows you to see a single sentence in multiple modes at once to compare results.
  • Freeze Words: The ability to prevent the paraphraser from changing certain words or phrases.
  • Show longest unchanged words: This allows you to see the longest section of your text that remains the same as the original after paraphrasing.