Divi Extras Blog Modules WordPress Plugin

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Divi Extras v1.1.10 is the perfect tool to help you build your next website. The Extra theme gives you access to all of the modules in the Divi Blog Extras, so it’s easy to create unique layouts that are completely customizable and responsive. You can even use our pre-made templates as a starting point for your own designs! With just a few clicks, you can have an entire page built with custom content and images – no coding required. No other platform offers this level of flexibility or ease-of-use when it comes to building websites today.

The new Divi Builder features have been added to help web designers create exceptional page layouts. The seven Divi Extras Plugin will allow content creators of all skill levels, from brands that publish on a regular basis or just starting out in this field of work with their blog posts and other written pieces, more options for displaying information beautifully while staying organized at the same time!


Divi Extras WordPress Plugin Features :

  • Add the functionality of the Extra theme
  • Use seven brand new content-driven modules
  • Order and organize high volumes of content
  • Achieve a unique look and feel for a Divi website