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Grammarly is the most popular online tool that helps you write better. It checks your writing for grammar mistakes, spelling errors, wordy sentences, and more. Students and professional writers create essays, and website content with perfect grammar and business professionals write emails without embarrassing mistakes!

Did you know that Grammarly has been downloaded over 10 million times? That alone should be enough proof of how helpful it can be when writing an essay or email.

Features of Grammarly Premium Account :

The features offered by this amazing writing tool is as follow:

  1. Checks for grammar mistakes
  2. Checks for spelling errors
  3. Checks for wordy sentences
  4. Checks Plagiarism
  5. Point out and eradicate punctuation mistakes
  6. Compatible with all major word processors
  7. It is available as a Chrome extension that makes it easy to use while writing on the web.
  8. Free and paid versions are available
  9. It gives American and British English option

Is Grammarly plagiarism checker gives precise results?

It detects plagiarism accurately, but paraphrasing is the best way to prevent it. Grammarly can help you catch instances of word-for-word copying, though.

It is a good idea to use a plagiarism checker like Grammarly in addition to other methods of prevention, such as citing your sources correctly and paraphrasing when you borrow from someone else’s work.

Amazing American and British English option

Grammarly offers amazing American and British English options, so you can choose the type of English that feels most natural to you. It is great for students or professionals who want to ensure their writing is error-free in both dialects.

Difference between free and premium version

The difference between Grammarly’s free version and the premium is that the Pro plan provides more features to check your writing for errors. The paid service has advanced grammar checks, plagiarism detection, and vocabulary enhancement suggestions, and allows you to view reports of how your writing changes over time.

Furthermore, the premium plan offers a human proofreader service for an additional fee. This can be helpful if you want another person to check your work for mistakes before submission.

How To Use Grammarly Premium Account?

Using Grammarly is very simple. After setting up an account, you have to type your writing into the box provided on their website or app, and it will instantly check for mistakes.

Why do Writers need Grammarly to write like a native?

No one is born a perfect writer. Even the best writers make mistakes, but with Grammarly, you can help minimize these errors and write like a pro.

Grammarly detects grammar, spelling, punctuation, and wordy mistakes that are easy to miss when proofreading your work. It is beneficial for non-native English speakers who want to write like a native.

Why Grammarly for writing?

Grammarly is a lifesaver for anyone who wants to write better, whether you’re a student, business professional, or just someone who wants to sound more polished when sending emails. It’s easy to use and can be accessed on any device.

Similarly, It is a great tool to help reduce plagiarism. If you’re worried about accidentally copying someone else’s work, Grammarly can help you detect any duplicated sentences.