Iconic Image Swap for WooCommerce


Iconic Image Swap for WooCommerce v2.6.0 Image Flip & Hover Effects for Your Product Listings. Encourage shoppers to purchase your products in fewer clicks with shop page image swap effects.



Iconic Image Swap for WooCommerce Features

  • Easily add image swap effects to any WooCommerce theme. No code is required!
  • Works well with page builders like Elementor. Add image swap effects to any product listing.
  • Multiple Effects
    Choose from 9 different image effects to match the style of your theme.
  • Highly Compatible
    Works with most WooCommerce themes and page builders.
  • Top-Notch Support
    We’re on hand to help with any issues you may face or to help you get set up.
  • Fade Effect
    Enable the fade effect to fade between 2 product images on hover.
  • Slide Effect
    Slide between 2 or more product images with a simple interface.
  • Bullet Navigation
    Use the bullet navigation to indicate how many images are available.
  • Thumbnails
    Instantly show the other images as thumbnails and click to swap out the main image.
  • Zoom Effect
    Zoom into the main image on hover. Explore the product details.
  • Picture-in-Picture
    Enable the picture-in-picture effect to quickly swap between 2 product images.
  • Modal Gallery
    View 1 or more product images in a large modal gallery.
  • Enlarge Effect
    Enlarge the main product image on hover. Simple but noticeable.
  • Flip Effect
    Add some drama to your shop page by flipping to the secondary image.



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