Ultimate Appointment Booking & Scheduling


Ultimate Appointment Booking & Scheduling v2.1.1 platform that lets your customers schedule appointments directly on your website with an easy-to-use calendar and booking form. Set up locations, services, and providers for those services, and let your clients start booking their appointment reservations online today!


Ultimate Appointment Booking & Scheduling Features

  • Create appointment locations with different opening hours
  • Create appointment services that cost different amounts and take different amounts of time
  • Dynamically updated booking calendar and appointment schedules, so it’s impossible to double book
  • Optional multi-step booking form
  • Set required information, such as name or phone number
  • Options to set a minimum and maximum number of days before an appointment that a reservation for a service can be booked
  • Set the amount of time between appointments. This, combined with the duration set for a service, will decide when appointment reservations can made.
  • Send automatic emails to clients when a reservation is placed and an appointment is successfully created
  • Set the date format and hours format
  • Set a calendar offset to specify how far ahead the default opening date of the calendar will be
  • Accept mandatory or optional payments for appointments either via PayPal or WooCommerce
  • Set up automated reminder emails that will go out to your clients a certain number of days or hours before their appointments
  • Require login to WordPress, Front-End Only Users, Facebook or Twitter before being a to create an appointment, to prevent spam
  • Make use of the new contemporary style booking form
  • Labelling options
  • Customize the look of your form with an array of styling options to help you fit it in seamlessly with the rest of your site

Ultimate Appointment Booking & Scheduling Demo:

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