Ultimate News Aggregator

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Ultimate News Aggregator v1.0.0.1 What if I would tell you that you could set up your own news aggregator site right on top of a plain WordPress site? Let me bring this good news to you: You will be able to turn your website into “the homepage of your favorite websites” The Ultimate News Aggregator plugin will create a simple and free news reader, which will allow your users a wide range of customizations. They will be able to discover the best tools, resources and inspiration in the world of breaking news, design, tech and even more! If you want to find out more about this plugin, you are on the right place! I present to you the Ultimate News Aggregator plugin! This is an all-in-one solution which is able to set up your WordPress site and create a news aggregator on top of it.

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Ultimate News Aggregator Key Features

  1. Allow your website users to add/remove/organize news sources they wish to check
  2. You can add/remove news sources which will be able to be managed by your website’s users (adding news sources based on RSS feeds)
  3. Organize news sources by categories
  4. Display articles in an onsite reader, which extracts only relevant article content from the source sites or in an iframe, showing the full source website/article
  5. Monetize your site: insert your own ads between the news items and also add your custom HTML ads before and after the onsite reader of full articles
  6. Allow visitors to bookmark news and save them to their reading list
  7. Allow visitors to share news by email or on social networks like Twitter, Facebook/Meta, Pinterest or LinkedIn
  8. Allow visitors to open the source of the article, in a new tab
  9. Advanced settings: caching time, SimplePie library settings, proxy settings and more
  10. Backup/Restore news sources list to file, for increased security