WP Timeline Designer Pro – WordPress Timeline Plugin


WP Timeline Designer Pro v1.4.3 is an effective and user-friendly way to beautify your WordPress blog on your website with a timeline concept, not just a timeline but more. This plugin helps you create beautiful layout templates for your WordPress posts/custom posts with existing templates without too much effort or without the help of a professional and no coding skill required.


WP Timeline Designer Pro – WordPress Timeline Plugin Key Features

  • Story Timeline
  • Hiring Process
  • Daily Routine timeline
  • Clean and professional web post showcase.
  • Blogging Website
  • New section of website.
  • Business & Technology idea sharing
  • Your company story (timeline)
  • Event summary timeline
  • Your achievements timeline
  • Author biography timeline
  • Company new product updates
  • Step by step tutorial guideline
  • Fashion blog website
  • Latest trend blog
  • Business & Entrepreneurship Blogs
  • NGO website to share news/update
  • Personal Blog Site
  • Content Timeline
  • Showcase post with slideshow (slider)
  • To display different category post with different design