Chaty Pro


Chaty Pro v2.8.2 – Chat with your website visitors via their favorite channels with Chaty. Show a WordPress chat button on the bottom of your site and communicate with your customers.


Chaty Pro Features

  • Show up to 2 different clicks to chat channels.
  • Select the location of the widget (bottom left/right).
  • Add a custom Call-To-Action message besides your chat widget and set its display frequency
  • Set a display trigger – decide when the widget will appear for the first time. You can show it after a few seconds, on page scroll, or use our powerful exit intent trigger. When you choose more than one trigger, the widget will appear when the first trigger takes place. The exit-intent trigger will help you get your website’s visitors’ attention when they plan to leave your website.
  • Attention effects – choose from 8 stunning attention effects including bounce, waggle, sheen, spin, fade, shockwave, blink, and pulse. Your attention effect will help you capture the attention of your website visitors. Once the see your chat widget, your conversation rate will increase significantly.
  • Pending messages icon – increase your chat button click rate by displaying a pending messages icon with the number of pending messages in your Chaty widget to let your visitors know that you’re waiting for them to contact you.
  • Fully customize all chat icons including colors and text on hover and chat buttons opacity. You can also translate the “Hide” text to your language now
  • Choose between 7 different colors.
  • New! WhatsApp chat pop up – show a WhatsApp chat pop up to your visitors so that they can start a WhatsApp conversation with you on your website (you can open the WhatsApp pop up by default, or open it when the user clicks on the WhatsApp icon). After they click on the send button, they’ll be redirected to WhatsApp to continue the conversation there New! Contact Us Form – add a contact form as one of your Chaty channels. Your visitors will be able to fill out their details using the contact us form.
  • New! TikTok button – add a TikTok button to your website and let your visitors engage with you on TikTok
  • New! Show your chat buttons in vertical mode or horizontal mode.
  • Change the size of the widget.