Live News – Real Time News Ticker Plugin

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Live News – Real Time News Ticker Plugin v2.15 is a WordPress plugin inspired from the news tickers used by broadcast television stations to communicate the latest news, financial news, weather warnings, election results, sport results etc. This plugin updates the news with jQuery and AJAX in real time and your users will be able to see your latest news without updating the page.


Live News – Real Time News Ticker Plugin Features :

  • Apply the news ticker to the entire website or to a specific URL
  • Temporarily enable or disable each news ticker
  • Retrieve the news from your favorite source (Manually Added, WordPress posts, RSS feed, Twitter)
  • Decide which category of posts should be considered (in case the WordPress posts are the source)
  • Enter the username of the user for which you want to retrieve the tweets (in case Twitter is the source)
  • Automatically remove links, hashtags and usernames from the tweets (in case Twitter is the source)
  • Display the time based on the server time or on the user time, and also to assign a positive or negative offset
  • Use the news ticker with LTR languages or also with RTL languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, etc.
  • Enable or disable the news ticker with mobile devices
  • Display or hide the featured news area (the big red area on top of the sliding news)
  • Display the news ticker in open or closed status
  • Enable or disable the links associated with the featured news title and with the sliding news
  • Open the links in the same tab or in new tabs
  • Show or hide the clock
  • Set the update time of the clock
  • Set the number of sliding news available for each cycle of news
  • Set the speed of the sliding news
  • Determine the number of cycles performed by the news ticker without updating the news