Advanced Database Cleaner Pro


Advanced Database Cleaner Pro cleans up your database by removing outdated revisions, spam comments and more. If you’re using WordPress for a while then consider cleaning it up to save space in the process of making sure that sites are fast-loading with this unnecessary data taken out so they can run smoothly on all platforms!

Cleaning up your database can make a big difference in how quickly you load pages, especially if like many WordPress users there is too much junk data stored that takes up memory and slows down performance. Advanced Database Cleaner Pro Plugin helps clean out old revisions or spam comments while also optimizing the tables for better speed.


Advanced Database Cleaner Pro WordPress Plugin Features

  • Clean up Posts Table
  • Clean up Comments Table
  • Clean up Orphaned Metadata
  • Clean up Expired Transients
  • Display & View Orphaned Items
  • Keep Last x Days’ Data
  • View & Manage Tables
  • View & Manage Options
  • View & Manage Cron jobs
  • Get and overview
  • Scheduling
  • Reduce DB size
  • Detect & delete orphaned options
  • Detect & delete orphaned tables
  • Detect & delete orphaned cron jobs
  • Scan & Edit Categorization
  • Search & Filter Anything
  • Technical Support