Phlox Pro – Elementor MultiPurpose WordPress Theme


Phlox Pro Theme v5.9.0 is the best Elementor multipurpose theme that you have ever seen. It has more than 80 complete Elementor demos that can simply import and edit on Elementor.



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Phlox Pro – Elementor MultiPurpose WordPress Theme Features

  • Image gallery – Do you like the way images are displayed on Flickr website? or on Google images? or maybe you wish you had a gallery with such layouts on your website? Having a WordPress theme with a gallery like Flickr or Google images is no longer a dream with Phlox theme. Phlox comes with a modern image gallery with different patterns and layouts that you can choose from. It has also ajax loading as well which preloads the gallery images as the visitors start scrolling and increases your website performance.
  • Page layouts freedom – Enjoy the possibility of having 1, 2 or none sidebar on each page and also select the style of your sidebars differently from other pages.
  • Footer layouts freedom – You want to have footer, subfooter and even a secondary subfooter bar? that\u2019s easy in Phlox, and also you can have options to customize them separately based on your taste.
  • Fancy transitions – There are 4 preloading transitions to choose from and also you can use your own gif animation if you like.
  • Responsive in a modern way – Phlox is truly responsive and you can have your site in a good look no matter which devices your are using. But yeah, there is a but and the good news. we also added some options to change the things you may need on different devices. You can, for instance, have sticky header on desktop and not on mobile or a grid posts on 6 columns in desktop and set a different one on mobile, and a lot more.
  • WPML and RTL – As we all know, to grow a business you have to cover globally, sooner or later you need to have your site in multiple languages and some of them may be in Right to Left layout or languages. The good news is that we took you cover in this part, you can have a multilingual as well as Right to left website really easy. There is also a Right to Left Demo on our Demo list that you can take a look for inspiration (attention: this demo is not available in demo importer)

Phlox Pro Theme Demo

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