Schema Premium Plugin

Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹199.00.

Schema Premium v1.2.6.1 is a premium framework packed with features for adding Structured Data markup in JSON-LD format, the most recommended by search engines like Google.


Schema Premium Features :

  • Easy to use, set it and forget it, with minimal settings.
  • Quick settings Configuration Wizard.
  • Enable Schema types at once per target location.
  • Comprehensive Structured Data on archives and custom post types.
  • Valid markup, test it in Google Structured Data Testing Tool.
  • Output markup in JSON-LD format, the most recommended by Google.
  • Integrates well with other plugins by reusing data saved in post meta.
  • Developer friendly, flexible and extensible.
  • Made for WordPress!

Schema Premium Core Features :

  • Easy Setup – Schema Plugin is super easy to install, thanks to the Quick Configuration Wizard.
  • Works Everywhere – Full control over your site markup. Schema plugin allow you to enable markup anywhere you want.
  • Integrates Well – Schema Plugin integrates and play nicely with major SEO and e-Commerce plugins. Also, works with any Theme.
  • JSON-LD Output – Schema Plugin output markup in JSON-LD format, the most recommended by Google.
  • Valid Markup – Schema plugin adds valid markup. You can test and validate markup in Google Structured Data Testing Tool and see by yourself.
  • Reuse Data – Schema plugin allow you to Reuse data saved in custom post meta fields, you can map fields values to properties.
  • Great Support – We stand behind our product and try to work closely with our members and try to solve complex issues.
  • Developer-friendly – Extensible, means you can extend its functionality via other plugins, extensions or via a custom code placed within your Theme’s functions.php file.
  • Made For WordPress – Schema looks and feels like WordPress; seamlessly integrated. It lives on your website (not someone else’s), so it feels like home.