AdSanity – Ad Management Plugin

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AdSanity v1.8.3 is an ad management plugin to simplify inserting self-hosted and network ads on a WordPress website. The plugin offers a ton of additional functionality via add-ons, accommodating everything from ad rotation to expiring ads after a set impression count to ad block detection and more.


AdSanity – Ad Management Plugin Features :

  • Lightweight
    AdSanity was designed to be light and fast. Many features can be added through our add-ons, but the only the core features are included until you need more.
  • Extensible
    Some sites do require extra functionality, so we’ve developed a suite of add-ons to augment the core feature set. But only add what you need. Keep your server happy.
  • Graphical Stats
    On a per ad basis, admins can quickly learn how ads are performing on the site. Admins can also call up custom stats for selected ads in a defined date range.
  • HTML5 Ready
    HTML5 ads are on the rise and AdSanity is ready to handle your modern advertising needs.
  • Publishing Options
    AdSanity currently allows for two publishing options – infinite or date-based. Admins can set begin and end dates for individual ads.
  • Display Options
    With widgets, easily accessed shortcodes, and template tags, you are able to place your ads anywhere on your site.
  • Developer Minded
    Built from the ground up by developers with WordPress developers in mind, we’ve included actions and filters developers can use to customize and add to the power of AdSanity.