WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches


WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches v1.0.11 is a very helpful and necessary feature for a WooCommerce website. Do you want your variations to look more decorated, with different styles, and you can even customize them? A plugin that helps you create and customize variation swatches for WooCommerce websites makes the variations of your items look impressive and professional. Customers find it more comfortable and convenient to view variations of products as swatches. It catches their eyes, therefore, they make a decision to purchase more quickly.


WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches Key Features

  • Search attribute: You can use the search bar to search for an existing global attribute.
  • Display Style: Select the style to display the global attributes: Horizontal or vertical.
  • Display Type: Select the type to display the global attributes: Button, Color, Image, Variation Image, Radio, and Select.
  • Swatches profile: You can select to show the attribute with one of the available swatches profiles.
  • Show on product list: This allows you to show/hide an existing global attribute on the product list.
  • Edit terms of the global attributes: You can customize the attribute term with Image and Color types.
  • Change product image: You can select to change product images when switching among attributes.
  • Default status: Customize how each swatch is displayed in default status with name, size, color, background, border …
  • Hover status: You can customize each swatch when hovering over with Color, Background, Border, and Box-shadow effects.
  • Selected status: You can customize how each swatch is displayed when selected. The customization includes Color, Background, Border, Box-shadow effect
  • Tooltip: You can customize the tooltip which is shown when hovering over a variation swatch. including Color, Border, Font size, and Positions of the tooltip.
  • Cloning/removing profile: You also can duplicate the current swatch profile, or remove it.